Retinal Evaluations & Treatment in Riverside

Protect Your Retinas for Healthy Vision

Ophthalmologists are specifically trained to manage diseases of the inner eye. The retina plays a critical role in vision and is vulnerable to specific types of damage. Keep the back of your eyes healthy with retinal evaluations at Riverside Eye Specialists.

The Retina’s Function

The retina is the layer of cells that covers the back of the eye’s inner surface. This sensitive area converts the light that comes into our eye into electrical impulses, which are transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve. 

The retina houses the rods and cones responsible for color vision, as well as the macula, which provides detailed vision.

Retinal Conditions & Diseases

The retina can be harmed by several unique diseases and conditions, including:

Monitoring & Protecting the Retina

At Riverside Eye Specialists, we use a blend of cutting-edge and tried-and-true technology to help monitor your retinal health, including:

For many retinal imaging tests, you’ll need to have your pupils dilated with drops. This allows us a clearer view of your retina. Please bring sunglasses to your appointment to protect your extra sensitive eyes when you leave.

Many retinal conditions can be managed or treated with medication or laser eye surgery. Visit our practice to protect your vision.

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You can find our practice near the historic downtown Riverside, California. If you have any trouble finding us, give us a call!
To request an appointment please call or text us at 951-686-4911.

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