Low Vision Management in Riverside

Learn to Live with Low Vision

Low vision describes vision loss or impairment that can’t be corrected with lenses, surgery, or other medical treatments. Low vision is defined as having visual acuity poorer than 20/70 or a visual field of 20 degrees or less. It can affect your central or peripheral vision, as well as night vision.

Losing your vision can cause emotional distress, including depression and a sense of lost independence. But there is hope. Many Americans live vibrant, full lives with low vision, enjoying the same work, hobbies, and activities they always have.

There are options to help you live with low vision. Visit Riverside Eye Specialists and work with our team to find resources and aids to help you thrive.

What Causes Low Vision?

Low vision can be caused by hereditary factors, injuries, or conditions including:

These can all be managed if detected early enough, but once vision has been lost, it can’t be restored.

Resources, Aids, & Adjustments

Advancements in technology have provided tools to help those with low vision access their everyday activities. Accessible tech includes:

  • Screen Readers
  • Voice-to-text typing
  • Magnifiers
  • GPS systems
  • Electronic personal assistants

Many of these are available on standard devices, but specialized devices are also available for people with low vision.

In addition to these aids, there are adjustments you can make to your space to maximize your remaining vision, such as:

  • Using contrasting colors to mark needed items or potential hazards in the home
  • Purchasing large print books, clocks, & watches
  • Installing motion-sensing, adjustable lights 

Talk to our ophthalmologist or optometrist about the resources you can access as a person with low vision. Let our team be part of your path to a vibrant life with low vision.

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